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Our company offers a complete set of services that range from knitting to the packaging of the products. The programming of our knitting machines is elaborated and done by the fully fashioned knitwear model and given our expertise in the area of textile programming we offer a great flexibility in the creation of samples and models. In order to achieve all the requirements that our clients have, we are equipped with the latest utilities, which are handled by workers familiarized with the textile industry. The machines that we use in order to achieve the high standard quality that our clients expect are :

Stoll knitting machines:

  • 4 machines of gauge 3
  • 4 machines of gauge 5
  • 1 machines of gauge 8
  • a variety of confection and textile finishing machines
  • washing machines and driers
  • machines that are used in the process of packing, marking and checking the quality of our products