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About us

Represented through a thorough sense of tradition and culture in textile products TEXTIL MACHINES TECHNOLOGIES is a company with a rich background dating back from 1999. With its headquarters in Beius, Romania, the firm has collaborated, throughout time with notable brands from the textile industry. Thusly, proving that we have a firm grip on professionalism with an avocation for quality.

The company has ended up creating a diverse range of products, using a great assortment of materials. Located on 300 km from Budapest, very close to the Romanian – Hungarian border, we export a large quantity of our products to Western Europe, finalizing a significant number of projects with international companies. In a time when the textile market is overburdened with products, we distinguished ourselves by having a great sense of quality.

The main objective for our business is the international recognition of our products as being of the highest quality. In an ongoing process of development, our company is open to the idea of new collaborations, and opportunities of proving ourselves worthy.